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"Massage is an effective way to reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, improve posture, increase flexibility, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system and improve mood, providing an overall feeling of well-being."

Who I am

Hello, my name is Sébastien and I am from the Pays des Écrins. Like many young people my age, I left my hometown to study, but over the years I felt a strong call from the mountains where I grew up and decided to come back to renew myself.

Currently, I am dedicated to a greater goal: to bring well-being to others. I work hard to create welcoming and relaxing experiences, allowing people to disconnect from everyday stress and find a moment of peace and quiet.

What motivates me the most is seeing my clients leave feeling lighter and with a smile on their face. It's my greatest reward, the satisfaction of knowing that I can contribute to someone's well-being. I hope to have the opportunity to provide you with an incredible experience.

Sur l'image, on peut voir un homme allongé les yeux fermés, recevant un massage. Il semble détendu et paisible, profitant des bienfaits thérapeutiques de ce moment de soin et de bien-être.


Cura energética


Known by several names, magnetism
(fire cutter) is a gift, a sensitivity.

massagem bien etre

Well-being massage

Massages can be considered to have an energetic dimension that can help relaxation and bring additional well-being.


Massage from 5 continents

A unique experience from head to toe where massage, aromatherapy and energy come together to relax you

Laissez-vous emporter par une expérience unique et régénérante.

Shinzu experience

Treat yourself to a sensual experience with a massage combined with the Kansa wand, which provides lifting, revitalizing, detoxifying and draining effects.

      Duration: 0h20 m or 1 h

The treatments are adapted to your needs or your choice.

Duration: 0h45m or 1h or 1h30

The treatments are adapted to your needs or your choice.

      Duration: 0 h 50 m or 1 h 15 m

The treatments are adapted to your needs or your choice.

      Duration: 1h

The treatments are adapted to your needs or your choice.


Sébastien magnetized me for the pain I had in my upper back, at first I went there without much conviction. And during the hour we talked while he magnetized me, I felt a gentle warmth. I'm pleasantly surprised since my pains are just a memory


Sébastien is very attentive and very gentle. He relieved me of various pains (sprain, urinary tract infection,...). I also called on Sébastien for the well-being massages and it is a real pleasure. I recommend Sébastien Ferrus!


1 hour of well-being and fitness. Never as relaxed as since I got a massage here!



Need of information

05120 L'Argentiere La Bessee

Thank you for your message, I will answer you shortly

Travailler à la maison


21 rue du plan d'ergue, 05120 L'Argentière-la-Bessée, France


+33 6 01 37 47 90



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"ease the pain of words"

Jocelyne FERRUS

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