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Massage of the 5 Continents

Reconnect with yourself and enjoy a unique relaxation experience with the best massage in the world.

Use this time to reconnect with your body, mind, and soul, and feel invigorated and balanced. Book your session now and live this unique experience


More than a massage 

The best massage in the world 

An invitation to travel

The M5C, thanks to its own energy resulting from the progress and the approach of its sequences, holds the capacity to join together in a synergetic way several techniques of the world, gathering the massage, the aromatherapy and the energy of the magnetism.

  • With the eye of a hawk, a tiger, or dragon nails, the M5C immerses us in Asia rich in techniques such as Shiatsu and Tuina, which through energy meridians makes the body more balanced.

  • Continuing with the techniques of the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, which means “unique/divine massage”, the M5C also offers “wave” effects of life which flood the whole body in a beneficial relaxation.

  • Passing through the Turkish massage, where lavished in the baths, with soap, the specialists hook, catch the hands and the legs very energetic and dynamic, with a very effective and relaxing action.

  • The Ayurvedic touches and the crossing of the Chakras, transports us to India, where the Marma's and the energy points have their deserved place in the M5C.

  • Obviously, anchored on the muscular terrain and the anatomical landmarks of the body, the M5C looks like a Swedish massage.

The strong point of the M5C is the combination of all these techniques in a rhythm and an energy of the Heart, which amplifies its effects 1000 times. As Love crosses its message in the world and to infinity, let's share our passion for the Massage of the 5 Continents through our hands and our heart...

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      Prix:    _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 65 €

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      Prix:    _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 90 €



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