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a little story

From an early age, I felt the need to reconnect and get to know myself better.

After obtaining my Scientific Baccalaureate, I continued in the field by obtaining a technical diploma in chemistry, but life offered me new opportunities and I decided to migrate to the tourism and travel sector.

I traveled many kilometers and met many people, which made me grow and learn new languages, such as English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to discovering different cultures. However, I missed my homeland and I decided to return to our beautiful Pays des Écrins.

Upon my return, a new opportunity presented itself in front of me and I decided to use my gift as a magnetizer, which evolved over time and made me more confident professionally. After moving to Argentière la Bessée on July 1, 2021, I noticed a need for advice and guidance after a magnetism session: "What can I do to extend our connection?"

Anxious to provide complementary answers to energy care, I began to train myself in aromatherapy, I have long noticed the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. I feel pleasure in bringing well-being and contributing to the body to follow in a harmonious and serene way.

To meet specific relaxation needs, I train in a protocol that suits me, the "5 continents massage", which allows me to offer new experiences. I continue to improve my skills and constantly seek to update myself. This allows me to offer you new techniques and different protocols

I am always in constant learning and evolution

"Magnetism is like a healing embrace, bringing calm to the mind, relaxation to the body, and nourishment to the soul."

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